Trikke Academy Questionnaire

Thanks for showing up to this questionnaire. We’re glad you’ve decided to fill it out.
In the last 10 years and counting, a lot of people have done so. And for every one of those people, it has been an ongoing process of life choices.

….Are you into this because you have years on a Body Powered vehicle, and want to introduce people to the health benefits and the of discovering a new passion?
…….Or are you into this because you just bought one of our Elekktric vehicles, and you’re loving it, and people keep stopping you with the question… “What the heck is that thing?”

Either way, everyone has a different story, and a different reason to get involved.

For now, it all starts with this series of questions. We (and, most importantly, you) want to see if it makes sense for you to get involved with Trikke. And starting off with a simple Questionnaire makes sense.

So, just fill it out to the best of your ability, and let's see where that takes us. No pressure.

Thanks again, and... Carve' Diem (aka. Carve The Day)!

The Trikke Academy Team

NOTE: This Questionnaire is NOT a registration form. It is to better understand you and your interest in the Trikke, and the Academy Program. You will then receive an email from the Academy Coordinator, who will schedule a call for you with the Director of Trikke Academy, Fred Welch. The call allows for us to get to know you better and to have a sense of your long term goals and vision for getting involved with Trikke This will allow us to better support you throughout the training and ongoing. After that call, if you'd like to reserve a spot for one of our Academies, we'll get you started!

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