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This world-wide group exists to help game designers connect and playtest each other's games. It is open to all game designers, publishers and groups that are looking for others to playtest their games and give feedback.
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Further Playtest Trade Info
At the moment - We're assigning playtest's by type on a one for one basis.

Eg : Post and Playtest games will match with other Post and Playtest games. Print and Playtest games will match with other Print and Playtest games.

The keyword is Fairness - If you require playtests recorded - then you must record the playtests you do for that same playtest partner. If your game takes two hours to playtest, and the game your playtesting takes one - play it twice.

Multiple shorter games by a single designer/publisher may be offered as a trade against one longer game.

There are 3 types of Playtest options available...

Post and Playtest - All games Suitable. You agree to post the game and all required information to your assigned playtester.

Print and Playtest - Games with a small number of printed elements that can easily be prepared by your assigned playtester.

3D print and Playtest - Same as Print and Playtest with some 3d Printable elements that can be easily 3d printed by your assigned playtester.

Simulate and Playtest - Playtest via an online platform; like Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator.
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