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This is a form of asset request/recommendation. After you fill out this form I might contact to you for the details, thus make sure to provide correct email or Steam name.
Freeware ? Payware ? *
Differences between Freeware vs. Payware
If it's interesting enough, freeware assets enter my list and I might take a look at them at some point in the future.

Payware assets take priority. In case of presence of multiple projects, asset with highest price gets finished first. If you do not want to pay extra, check my release schedule, in case i'm working on multiple projects or not.

Vehicles: They start from 30EUR base price. Final amount depends on available source material.
Building: Case by case basis
Repaints: Case by case basis

What is the type of asset ? *
What is the official name of the asset ? *
Provide the name of the asset with its manufacturer, and any edition if it has (for vehicles), or location for buildings.
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Do you have any reference material for asset in question ? *
OPTIONAL: Power Input
Certain trains and vehicles have multiple variants. Specify the type of input, as they are usually modeled differently.
Remarks and Side Notes
Mandatory features for vehicles:

All public transportation vehicles are line colored by default. The size of line colored section is usually set in a way, which it will not visually effect request livery options.

All assets feature custom LOD and fully mapped.

Prop packs are usually released after vehicles released.

For Metro Overhaul vehicles:

Metros are released as both train and MOM vehicle. Train variants are usually longer, while MOM variants are shorter due to the station limitations.

For Buildings:

Scale is 1:1.

Do you have special request or remarks ?
Anything that is outside given parameters above, mention here.
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