Pre-requisites to joining a short-term mission trip:

> A DUMC member and an active cell member
> Baptized
> Attended Missions Candidates' Preparation Programme Level 1 (MCPP1) weekend training.
If you have not attended MCPP1, please do so and register online at http://tinyurl.com/registerM1

Estimated mission trip cost varies due to currency:

(1) Cambodia: RM1,500 - 1,700
(2) Myanmar: RM1,500 - 1,700
(3) Nepal: RM2,000 - 2,400
(4) Thailand: RM1,400 - 1,600
(5) Vietnam: RM1,500 - 1,700
(6) Sarawak Iban: RM1,000 - 1,200
(7) Sarawak Penan: RM1,200 - 1,400
(8) OA Rompin: RM200 - 300

Preferably submit your name at least 3 months before the trip.
Mission trip dates are subject to changes.
Inquiries : missions@dumc.my

I am interested in joining a short-term mission trip this year to:
Eg: Susan Tan Li Li
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Contact Number
Eg: 012-556 6789
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Geographical Zone
If you are not familiar with zone, please state who's your zone pastor.
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Cell Leader's Name
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Email Address
State "NIL" if you dont have one
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How do you know about this training?
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