Murray/Holladay Wonderbloom Location
We in an exploratory phase about opening a new, fantastic location in Murray/Holladay, UT. We will keep the Salt Lake downtown location. This potential location in Murray/Holladay has indoor classrooms, a fenced outdoor space that we would develop into an outdoor classroom, and an adjacent 4 acres of community gardens with resident bees and chickens. The first step is to find out if there is any interest in us opening a location in this area. Please take this quick, anonymous survey to let us know!
Is your child enrolled at the Salt Lake City Downtown location for Fall 2019? *
If no, why not? Check all that apply *
Would you be interested in enrolling your child at a Wonderbloom location in Murray/Holladay for Fall 2020? *
If yes, we're going to need your help! Please leave your email and we'll contact you about helping get the word out to other families about a Holladay location.
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. It will help us SO much!
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