2019 NC State Balanced Man Scholarship Form
SigEp is a national social fraternity that will award over $225,000 at 180 campuses across the country through the Balanced Man Scholarship this year. Our mission is to Build Balanced Men and our goal is to reward men who exemplify the qualities of a Sound Mind and a Sound Body, as we believe these are two ideals essential to leading a balanced life.

To qualify for the Balanced Man Scholarship, incoming male students must submit an application by July 5th, 2019 and enroll full-time at NC State for the Fall 2019 term as a first year student.

*Applicants have no obligation to join or affiliate with SigEp to be eligible for the scholarship.

Should you have any questions concerning the Balanced Man Scholarship or the transition to NC State, please contact Camden Carmichael at clcarmic@ncsu.edu.

Check out our website (https://ncstate.sigep.org) to find out more about our fraternity and our values.
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