UPIKE Symposium 2022 - Call for proposal submissions
Deadline for proposal submission: Friday, March 4, 2022 by 11:59 PM

Event date: Friday, April 8, 2022
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About the Symposium
The UPIKE Symposium is an annual opportunity for students, faculty, and staff from all university disciplines to share about a specific, significant learning experience in a formal way through academic presentations, including poster, oral, or visual or performative arts. The goal of the Symposium is to celebrate learning in all academic disciplines at our university.

Symposium participants will be selected from this year's pool of proposal submissions. Please indicate if your proposal is reflective of creative expression or an investigative inquiry.

To submit your proposal, please complete each item on this form. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.

--> A formal abstract for investigative inquiry should meet a target of 250 words - with a maximum limit of 300 words - and must include the following 4 components:

- your purpose for engaging in this research and scholarship;
- the methods that you followed to learn about your question;
- the results that you obtained; and
- the conclusion(s) that you reached and the significance of the project.

--> Formal creative expression abstracts must include an artist's statement that adheres to the following guidelines:

- a suggested length of 150 to 200 words with a maximum limit of 300 words;
- a discussion of the artist's inspiration and goal(s) for the presentation (i.e., What are/were your motivations? What do you hope to achieve through your work?);
- a discussion of any technical decisions that were made to meet your goal(s) (e.g., style, genre, method, media choice, size, arrangement)
- including any relevant historical, social, or other contextual information to help reviewers and attendees interpret/understand the presentation.

Note that the submitted abstract for your proposal will be included in this year's Symposium proceedings document.

Please contact the following UPIKE faculty with any questions you may have:
- Dr. Kartick Pramanik, Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine (kartickpramanik@upike.edu),
- Dr. Jesson Martin, Kentucky College of Optometry (jessonmartin@upike.edu), or
- Dr. Ella Smith-Justice, College of Arts & Sciences (ellasmithjustice@upike.edu).
What is the name of the presenter? (Please include the appropriate prefix [e.g., Dr., Ms., Mr., Mx., M., etc.]) *
What are their pronouns?  [e.g., they, them, she, her, he, him, etc.]
Please select their UPIKE academic affiliation from the choices below: *
What is their role at UPIKE? *
What is their academic program or area of study/expertise? *
What is their UPIKE email address? *
Is the person completing this form the presenter? *
Please list any and all co-presenters or co-authors for this submission. Be sure to include their UPIKE email address. *
What is the title of the proposed presentation? *
Is this presentation proposal an investigative inquiry or creative expression? *
Please briefly name or describe the learning experience from which the proposed presentation derives (e.g., course; activity; internship; research program; studio, field, clinical, or laboratory experience; exhibit or performance experience; extracurricular experience; etc.). *
Provide at least 3 outcomes of the proposed presentation for Symposium attendees. *
Provide an abstract for the proposed presentation. The abstract must follow the Symposium guidelines set forth for creative expression or investigative inquiry proposals (listed in the "About the Symposium" section of this form). *
List 3-5 key words associated with the content of your proposed presentation. *
For poster presenters: If this proposal is selected, will you need assistance printing your poster for the Symposium? *
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