2020 Greenway Glow Arts Festival: Call for Artist Proposals
Call for proposals for the Greenway Glow Arts Festival, which will be on Saturday, September 26, from 3 - 6 p.m.

Proposals must be received by NOON CST on Friday, August 28


The Midtown Greenway Coalition announces a call for proposals for the Greenway Glow Arts Festival, to be held on September 26th in the Midtown Greenway, from 3 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

All forms of art are welcome, including installations, painting, sculpture, live performances, and more. Artists of all skill levels and experience are welcome, and we encourage emerging artists and artists of color to apply.

We invite you to propose a project or performance along the Midtown Greenway, a 5.5 mile long corridor for non-motorized vehicles between the Mississippi and Chain of Lakes. The project/performance should be prepared to engage a broad public audience. We especially invite local artists of color to apply, and for all artists to create installations/performances that are welcoming to our diverse community.

While none of the following are strict requirements, they are each important factors we consider when selecting projects/performances.

• Artistic content. The proposed work can be serious or funny, spectacular or intimate, mobile or stationary, or combination thereof, but it cannot be an advertisement or for sale at the event. The focus should be on local art and artists.

• Theme. Why is your project perfect for the Greenway?

• Participatory. Due to COVID-19, we will require social-distancing and ask that participants stay at least 6 feet away from all installations and performances. No gathering of more than 25 people will be allowed at any single performance or installation, and we ask that both artists and participants wear masks. However, is there some creative way you can engage the audience?

• Diversity/Inclusion: Does the art feature work/performances from artists of color? Is the art
welcoming/inviting to communities of color?

• Duration. The Greenway Glow is from 3 p.m. - 9 p.m. We would like you to be set up and ready by 3 and stay in place until 9 p.m. If you are performing, we ask that you perform several times between 3 and 9. Does your project take advantage of this duration? If you are performing, will you schedule multiple performances?

• Mobile/Pop up. We’re interested in projects that are mobile and/or have a light footprint and can be placed in a few locations during the night. Is your performance on wheels or mobile in some way?

• Feasibility. Installation takes place the same day and de-installation the same night. Projects will be outside, along the trail. You will be asked to provide volunteers to help maintain social distancing guidelines.

We will do our best to accommodate your site preference; however, we will have several locations with a concentration of projects. We will have a concentration of artists in Midtown, which is the event HQ, and at the Ivy Building in Seward. There are also lots of great spaces available in Uptown and all along the trail. If you have a preference, please include it in your application.

If you have a question about a specific site, please email soren@midtowngreenway.org.

We reserve the right to place projects/performances where we believe they will fit best, but we will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Depending on the location, we will try to provide electrical access (in the form of extension cords). However, it is best is if your project has its own power source. We discourage the use of generators. If you must use a generator, we require that it be one of the “silent” models.

This event is taking place in public spaces all projects should be respectful of residents and businesses in the area. Specifically, every project should:
• Be safe
• Not include sound above conversational volume at a distance of 50 feet away (If your project requires sound louder than this, please let us know)
• Meet all necessary City laws, ordinances, and codes

In addition, artists must provide their own team of volunteers and be onsite during the entire duration of the project. If you cannot stay for the entire Glow, please indicate that on your application. Preference is given for art/performances that are up for the entire event, from 3 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Stipends ranging from $25 to $300 are available. We are a small grassroots nonprofit, and due to our limited budget, we are rarely able to give $300 stipends; the most common stipend is $100. When you apply, please let us know the range of stipends you would be able to accept. The Greenway Glow Artist Recruitment Committee will review requests and determine if the request can fit with our budget. We appreciate all artists and are pleased to at least be able to offer these stipends - we wish more funding was available!

Artists from anywhere are eligible to participate, though we give preference to local artists from nearby
Greenway neighborhoods. We especially invite artists of color to apply. There is no funding available for artist travel to the event.

Proposals must be received by Noon CST on Friday, August 28

Applicants are required to submit:
□ Primary contact information
□ Proposal concept
□ A photo or other image for your project, if available (Please email all photos to Soren@midtowngreenway.org)

Applications will be reviewed by the Greenway Glow Artist Recruitment Committee.

Email Soren@midtowngreenway.org.

Please submit your application by NOON CST on August 28, 2020.
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