Virtual Knitting LIVE! by Vogue Knitting and Knitting Live by Vogue Knitting Request for Class Proposals

Thank you for considering teaching for us! 

We are inviting you to submit class proposals, both for in-person and virtual classes. For virtual classes, we encourage you to think about what classes in your portfolio can be easily taught virtually—that is, do not require much hands-on teacher-student interaction and can be executed with supplies students may already have. We are interested in various levels of classes—very simple classes are also encouraged, as people might not have the mental bandwidth to take very complex classes. Like always, we are looking for a variety of classes. 

For our virtual events, we will send a webcam to you should you need it, to allow you to toggle back and forth between your face and your tabletop. If you need additional lighting, we can send that to you as well.

Applications are open to all who are interested in teaching for Vogue Knitting, no matter their age, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, gender identity, or political beliefs.
Note: There are many pages so that you can submit multiple classes. End whenever you are finished. Please leave enough time to submit all your classes, as the application won’t save if you don’t click submit. You can submit the application more than once.

Virtual Events:
Each class is 2 hours long, and we set each class at 30 students unless you request otherwise. We will send you an attendance list for each class, and you will also be able to see and interact with your students and take attendance on Zoom. During your class, we will be dropping by to check in and make sure that you do not have any issues. Lectures (in webinar mode) are each 1 hour and will cap at 500 students. Our staff will moderate questions that are typed into the chat function and will convey important questions to the lecturer. At this time we are not going to be offering any classes as exclusive, but we will consider this in the future.

Teaching Fees
1-Hour Lecture
Up to 100 students: $100
101-150 students: $150
151-200 students: $200
Over 200 students: $200 base plus an additional $1 per student (for example 201 students = $201, 202 students = $202)

2-Hour Class:
15–20 Students in Attendance: $200
21–25 Students in Attendance: $225
26–30 Students in Attendance: $250
31 Students: $275
Over 31 Students: $275 base plus an additional $10 per student (for example 32 students = $285, 33 students = $295)
Maximum of 40 students in all classes  

In-Person Events:
Each class is 3 hours long (classes can have multiple parts), with a minimum capacity of 15 students. Lectures are 1 hour long and cap depending on the space available, usually a minimum of 100 students.

Teaching Fees:
A minimum fee of $265 for each individual 3-hour class, such fee to be subject to change based on the number of students enrolled in each class per the following schedule:
15–20 Students: $265 per 3-hour class
21–30 Students: $320 per 3-hour class
More than 30 Students: $370 per 3-hour class
Lecture: $215
EXCLUSIVE classes: If Soho can identify a class as exclusive, where exclusive means the class has not been taught (and will not be taught) to an audience of more than 15 people in person or online nor at any event that exceeds 15 people within the past year (or for the following year), Soho agrees to pay the Teacher an additional $100 per exclusive class taught. If this class is canceled by Soho the above clause is void.
Hotel Accommodations & Transportation:
Depending on the teacher's location, one night of hotel accommodations for each Full Day (defined as six (6) hours of classes delivered by Teacher), and a transportation stipend will be provided if and to the extent appropriate depending on Teacher’s travel needs.
A per diem meal stipend of $40 for each Full Day and one (1) complimentary 3-Day Marketplace ticket is also provided.

Please remember: This is an application. It does not constitute acceptance. We look forward to seeing what you have to offer!

Gabby Ald, Event Director

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