THE ART OF A SCIENTIST is back! The third year of our innovative exploration of the interaction between art and science is coming in spring 2020, and we would love to consider you as a collaborator with the scientists in this exhibit. We want scientists to showcase the artistic aspects of their work, side-by-side with artists renditions of scientific concepts. For artists, our goal is to pair you with a scientist and have you talk about different aspects of his/her research. Then, in the medium of your choosing, you can craft a piece of your design inspired from those discussions and the submitted scientific piece. On opening night, we'll have you and the scientists present together to talk about your creation. If you are interested, there will also be opportunities throughout the exhibit's run to help out with events we will be holding that are open to the public.

THIS YEAR, we are asking scientists to submit pieces related to our theme, BRIDGING THE GAP. We are looking for our collaborations to tie into this theme in some way, but this connection can be as subtle or unexpected as you like! We can't wait to see how you and your scientist interpret the theme in your pairing.

At this time, all submissions to the exhibit are on a volunteer basis. Your piece is your own, and you will receive it back at the end of the exhibit's run. You can also offer the piece for purchase to the public (this information can be listed on our press materials for additional visibility) during the exhibit's run, but we ask that your buyer does not collect the piece until the exhibit is finished (likely the end of summer 2019). Small scholarships to cover the cost of supplies may be available on an individual basis--please contact us at if this is something you would be interested in.

We look forward to working with you on this year's exhibit! This event would not be possible without the generous contributions of your time and work, and we cannot thank you enough!

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