Sight and Life Magazine Readership Survey
Sight and Life Magazine is seeking input from its readers. As part of our continuous effort to improve our print and digital products, we are conducting a survey to gain information about the magazine and its readership.

The survey should only take about 10-15 minutes of your time. Your answers will be handled in a secure and private system and combined with others to protect your confidentiality.

All respondents who complete the survey and provide contact information (name, address and email) will be entered to win a hard copy of The Biology of the First 1,000 Days. The survey closes January 31, 2019.

Thank you for helping to make Sight and Life an even stronger publication and resource for the nutrition community.
We will not use your contact information for soliciting or marketing purposes.
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Content is accurate
Provides information which helps me to do my job
Efficient way of finding out what is happening in the nutrition community
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Content is thought-provoking
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Food for Thought
Research-based Evidence
Perspectives in Nutrition Science
A Day in the Life - Interview
Congress Reports
Field Reports
Current Nutrition News
Book Reviews
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What subjects are you interested in reading in future issues of the Sight and Life magazine? Check all that apply. Add additional topics in the space after "other". *
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Very interested
Moderately interested
Slightly interested
Not interested
Nutrition research
Economic impact
Climate change
Food systems
Behavior Change Communication
Social Marketing
The Effects of Culture
Food Fortification
Implementation Science
Food Security
Bio Fortification
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Please provide any additional feedback and/or suggestions that may be helpful to improve future issues of Sight and Life magazine.
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We have recently launched a webinar series on behavior change communications. In order to continue producing useful resocurces for the nutrition community, we would appreciate your input.
What type of resources on behavior change communication for nutrition (BCC) do you or your organisation have the biggest need for? Check all that apply.
How interested would you or your organisation be in joining an interactive community of practice for nutrition BCC, with access to practical resources?
Very interested
Not interested
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Which websites do you currently visit for information on Nutrition BCC? Check all that apply. Please share the specific website(s) you use in 'other'.
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What other types of resources do you use for information on nutrition?
Would you be willing to pay for an issue of the Sight and Life magazine?
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