Katapult Future Fest 2019 is in the planning: Who do you wish to see up on the Katapult stage in May 2019?
Let us know by filling out the few points below.


- We want the special and new, up-and-coming voices, including the unusual suspects; the ones that want to make a difference and change the world for the better.

- They must understand technology and / or impact investing on a societal and deeper level, be good at communicating it, and should be warm hearted people.

- Also, no divas, huge egos or "VIP's". All speakers should be at KFF19 for the right reason; to be part of a collaborative effort and community to build a positive future. We will ask all speakers to stay for the whole time and be part of the festival.

- We are searching for a clear purpose and any hands-on contributions. Can our suggested speaker facilitate a workshop, have a project that will be valuable for the KFF community or can get value from the community?

- Diversity is key! Speakers can be at any age, come from any discipline and country. In fact, we would love that.


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What topic(s) could this person cover as a speaker? It should be within impact investing, exponential technology and/or future society. It can be contributions to do a workshop or to get help on a project. Diversity and interdisciplinary is key.
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