LAX 42º Summer Clinic 2017
August 14-17, 2017

Time: 9a-12p

Village School (Middle Field)
93 Village Street
Marblehead, MA.01944

Cost: $175 (Grades 5-8)
$150 (Grades K-4)
Grades: K-8

Over the past 9 years, LAX 42º has partnered with our local high school athletes and MHD GLAX alumni to instill a love of lacrosse in our local aspiring female athletes. Our goal is to create passionate athletes in an effort to grow the sport of lacrosse responsibly. Through this leadership and dedication, each player walks away from our clinics loving lacrosse.
Together, we feel that we can establish a solid foundation of a athletic community that our girls of Marblehead can be proud of for years to come.

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