Yes/No 2019
Guessing the diagnosis off the CBL Case title
High yield
Calling your mum saying "I'm in hospital" with no context
Signing up to the same CBL as your friend
Signing up to the same CBL as your partner
Classic stitch up of putting your Kahoot name as that of someone else in the room
Kahoot Music
Doing readings
Sight-reading Short Cases
Using your Observership to launch a successful Instagram career
Recommending obscure textbooks to First Years
Wearing your stethoscope >100m away from the hospital
Wearing your clinical attire on days you have no intention of seeing patients
Avoiding patients
Inventing patients
Self diagnosis
Having your own GP
Being your own GP
Running Club
Pathologically dropping that you're a medical student into conversation
Clicking "interested" on Facebook events in lieu of having a personality
Rapidly escalating CBL snacks arms race
Active Wear
Saying "this one time on Observership"
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