Artists and Performers Application Form- Kilifi New Year Beneath the Baobobs


Kilifi New Year 2018 is ready to welcome applications for all Vendors and Stallholders!
We are looking for likeminded people to join our family, and this application is where you start that journey

Kilifi New Year is a participatory event – it is the amazingly creative volunteers, artists and attendees who make this festival what it is today. Therefore, we would LOVE you to join us with all your delicious, beautiful or astounding services and creations – whether that be food, non-alcoholic drinks, an art installation, clothing, or even a tattoo stand or kinyozi. The more artistic and dynamic the better!

This year’s event hopes to attract 2500 attendees. We are relying on all of you to provide the added value of community to our amazing festival.


Applicants will be accepted based on their ability to provide reliable and quality service to Kilifi New Year attendees. Kilifi New Year takes no responsibility for the security of your equipment, staff, cash or personal belongings at any time. The Venue requires exclusivity for the sales of all alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, and sodas.

For Your Information:

Artists: Kilifi New Year has experienced a heritage of amazing visual artists helping it to grow each year. We are looking for artists to help make our site more intriguing then ever. Visual Artists are welcome on site for a month before the festival to produce their own Art Installation for the festival.

Performers: It is time for the theatre to come to Kilifi!!! We are looking for a host of acrobats, dancers, contortionists, magicians, fire dancers, tarot readers and actors to add spice to our New Year Celebration! Come alone or with your troupe and play an essential part of the Kilifi New Year Theatre!

General FAQ:

When is the deadline for applications?

- Applications will be received from October 1st. The deadline for applications is November 1st 2018.
You can expect a final response by November 15th 2018.

How much will it cost?

Workshops, Therapists, Performers and Artists will be asked to pay full price for a Kilifi New Year Ticket, for which they will be reimbursed after their agreed participation.

When can you operate? When to setup and pack down?

-Prior to the event, we will be hosting several warm up events at Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers. Please keep in mind this is a different location (about 5km away) and we will not be providing any tables or lighting.
- You should be able to operate on the Kilifi New year festival site for 3 full days – from mid-day on the 30th December to mid-day 2nd January.
-All Artists must be fully setup by the evening of the 30th of December. Please report to security at the festival entrance gate upon arrival.
-All Performers should report at the festival entrance gate on the day of their performance.
- Pack down: You are responsible for packing down your installation independently. You must dispose of all waste and leave no trace.

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What kind of Performance or Art Installation would you like to include in the festival?
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Please describe your Performance or Art Installation in as much detail as possible and how you think it would add to the Kilifi New Year vibe of creativity and celebration.
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Please list the exact requirements for your Performance or Art Installation, including: Space Needed / Time for set up/ Basic needs from the festival.
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What time do you plan to arrive on site? NB. Artists can be on site as a volunteer from 1st December with access to staff meals and camping site. Stalls that include an installation or extra set up can be on site earlier than 30th, dependent on a specific arrangement with Kilifi New Year Festival.
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Will you also be operating at warm up events at Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers?
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Do you plan to use electrical equipment? If yes please list each item and their respective power usage.
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How many Staff/Performers/Artists passes do you need and can you outline the role and hours worked/performed for each person?
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If you have any deliveries to site pre or during show . Please note these HAVE to be arranged through the gates team. We will send you the link to do this with your tickets. Will you have any deliveries and what will they be off?
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Will you need space for camping? If so how many tents will you bring?
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We have basic crew food on site - Will you require staff meals? Please identify how many and on which days.
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Do you have any specific questions that you would like answered?
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