Coach Exclusion Form
It is the desire of OMYBS to be receptive to the parents request to exclude coaches from coaching their child. However; to
protect everyone’s interest in this matter, we find it necessary to obtain more information regarding the reasons a parent would not like to have their son or daughter coached by a specific coach. Each year during the season, the league provides evaluation forms for parents to give us feedback regarding their coach and the league in general. It is at this time that decisions are made regarding the future coaching privileges of the current coaches. Without an adequate cause the league will not dismiss a coach. That being said, if a parent has a concern about a coach, the board feels it is in the best interest of all concerned for the board to collect information as to why a coach should be prevented from drafting your child. This form will be reviewed by the President, Commissioner, and the League Director. You should not expect this request to be held confidential. Having been approved by the Board of Directors a coach is entitled to know the players which have requested not to be on their team and the reason why. Incomplete forms will not be reviewed.
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By completing this form, I do hereby request that my son or daughter not be placed on the team of the coach designated above. I understand that if in the opinion of the league officials my request is to be denied, I will be informed of their decision and I will then be given the option of a full refund of my fees. *
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