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We should care about the well-being of future people at least as much as the well-being of living ones.
It is morally better to have a very large population of slightly happy people than a very small population of happy people.
We should support parents who want to select embryos to make their baby more intelligent.
We should focus on issues that are measurable.
We should prolong human lives as much as possible.
Preventing suffering is more important than preventing deaths.
We should care more about wild animal suffering (e.g. wild animals being killed by predators).
Most wild animals who have many offspring with a very short life expectancy each, experience more suffering than happiness, so we should reduce their populations long-term.
Ensuring animal rights is now more pressing than improving human welfare.
We should care more about existential risk.
We should care more about climate change.
We should care more about AI risk.
Slowing down AI development can mitigate AI risk.
Capitalism is in the way of effectively tackling the climate crisis.
Complete global nuclear disarmament would be bad.
The US should have open borders (allowing at least any non-criminal to immigrate).
Electoral politics (supporting people & parties at elections) can be an effective route for making progress on EA-related goals.
It is acceptable to campaign for veganism while eating meat myself.
It is acceptable to prioritize a cause that is geographically closer to me.
It is important to recycle.
Having my own children is not rational, compared to how else I could use my resources.
Spending money to save time wherever possible is more effective than being frugal (and donating the saved money).
EAs should be more careful not to get Covid, to avoid the risk of persistent brain damage which is particularly bad for an intellectual community.
EA Global should grow more slowly.
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