2020 Legal Procurement Survey
1. How successful do you believe your organization is at using legal procurement to drive and receive value from firms/providers?
Least successful
Very Successful
2. How would you describe the relationship between procurement and the legal department/legal operations at your organization? (Please select the appropriate box)
We are partners: It is a trusted relationship where both sides work together to drive value and results for the organization
We have a collegial relationship: Information is shared and both departments work together on many, but not all, aspects of legal services sourcing
We have a “reluctant” relationship: It is difficult for procurement to guide or influence the legal department in their hiring decisions
What relationship? The two departments have not worked well together up to this point
At your organization, the relationship of procurement with the legal department is: ..
At your organization, the relationship of procurement with legal operations team is: ...
3. What type of legal services purchases is procurement involved with in your organization? (Tick all appropriate boxes)
4. In your organization, who is able to hire outside counsel and other legal services providers?
5. What is your organization’s legal services spend profile? (Please indicate % of spend per area)
Investigations/government actions
Transactions (M&A, Antitrust etc.)
Litigation (non-IP)
IP Litigation
IP Prosecution
General legal advice (incl. e.g. employment law, commercial)
Alternative legal services (legal services delivered by non-traditional “New Law” providers)
Ancillary legal services (e.g. supplementary legal services such as court reporting, eDiscovery etc.)
Legal technology (incl. eBilling software etc.)
6. How much of your organization’s legal spend is under procurement’s influence? (Please indicate percentage of spend)
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