Women in Circus Network
Call for Women in Circus Network

Invitation to all circus artists and other parties to participate in the Women In Circus Network.

The Network will organize activities such as meetings, collect of information, lectures, performances, discussions, workshop in relation to the agency of women in circus.

The network will aim to:
-Unite the creative forces of women in circus
-Increase visibility of circus works directed and or performed by women
-Provoke dialogues on the topic of gender and norm-creativity in circus arts
-Contributes to the development of feminist strategies in the field of circus
-Share and transfer knowledge from existing feministic practices and researches
-Strengthen and develop collaborations in relation to the agency of women in circus

Are you interested in supporting and being part of the network?

If yes, please sign up by filling this form.

The Network will first be establish in the Nordic region but welcome international participants.

The network is inclusive of all genders and driven by values of democracy, inclusivity, diversity, equity and respect.

For more information please contact Marie-Andrée Robitaille info@cirkuspespektiv.se

For the moment at least once a month I will look into new participants signatory and invite them to the facebook group of the network. Tools for communication will be developed as the Network will develop.
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Photo by Einar Kling Odencrants.  Artist on the picture: Rhiannon Cave-Walker.
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