An Introduction to Human Design
Know your energetic blueprint and Change Your Life.

Please consider this a hearty invitation to all who are curious about the Human Design System and their own energetic blue print! These are the introductory modules.

Are you ready to step up into your higher power in the full knowledge of who you are? Are you curious about how to best express and present yourself, authentically, without rubbing others up the wrong way?

Are you fed up with acting in ways which do not serve your highest good, due to worn out habits which you picked up from others?

The Human Design System uses a combination of the zodiac and the I Ching, to synergize and distill the essence of you.
- How are you energetically different from those around you?
- What is the most effective way to make decisions and communicate effectively with other energetic types, in order to facilitate positive, mindful relationships that enhance mutual understanding and non-judgement?
- Learn exactly how you are wired and how your unique energy impacts others.

It’s an absolutely riveting discovery---well worth the time and effort. Understanding what we learn, in our experience---changes everything. From our self-knowledge and personal power, to our business, familial and personal relationships, and everything in between!

Enough marching to the beat of someone else’s drum!
We’re here to rise up in ourselves and be the best selves we can be! This way we can be in greater service to the world and to our loved ones.

Sound good?
Please join us!
You are sincerely welcome!

Would you like to start on a journey of discovery for yourself and your loved ones? In these introductory modules we learn, in detail, about our Human Design blue-prints.

Want to learn online? I have an online academy where I teach my Modules 1 thru 4.

Modules 1 & 2 : Full day

Module 1: Types (half day)
How your wiring is determined
What type you are
Your strategy for Life
Your decision making authority

Module 2: Centres (half day) - pre-requisite Module 1
The 9 Centres
Your Profile
Your overall Definition

Would you rather just have a detailed report of your chart?
Or perhaps you want a personal online reading?

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Advanced Modules
Once you have done modules 1 and 2, if you are looking for even more,
there is plenty to get your teeth into with more advanced modules:

Module 3: Circuitry (Full day)

Module 4: Gates & Planets (2 days)

Having completed all the foundation modules (1-4),
these extra modules add more intricate details:

Module 5: I-Ching (Full day)

Module 6: Incarnation Cross (Full day)

Module 7: Zodiac (Full day)

Module 8: Relationships (Full day)

Dawn Pilatowicz
083 226 8250

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