2016 Election Survey - Vaccination.
Dear Candidate,

The Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice is a broad-based, non-partisan, grassroots citizen advocacy group with thousands of members/constituents who are engaged in the electoral process.

Our mission is to promote informed consent, to protect vaccine exemptions (oppose mandatory vaccination), and to preserve privacy in vaccine choice.

Our members believe that an individual’s freedom to choose medical procedures based on complete and accurate information is essential in a free society - and that vaccination choice is a human right.

We are carrying out a short survey of candidates in preparation for the coming election and ask for a few minutes of your time to complete it. Our team will be consolidating responses and voting records and will make the information available to our list-serve so that members may vote accordingly.

Thank you very much in advance, for your time. The Survey is as follows (6 questions):

Candidate Name:
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District and Seat:
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Do you support legislation that would require disclosure to patients and parents/guardians about the potential risks and side effects of each vaccine (including disclosure of vaccine ingredients), as provided in the manufacturer's vaccine package insert?
Do you support legislation that would guarantee conscience/religious exemptions that enable the right of any Vermont parent or patient to refuse vaccination without punishment or penalty?
Do you support legislation that would prevent discrimination on the basis of vaccination status?
Do you support legislation that protects a doctor’s discretion/judgment to give a patient a medical exemption?
Do you support legislation supporting the repeal of immunity from product liability currently granted to vaccine companies and doctors if their vaccines cause harm?
Do you have any comments to add?
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