Students Teaching Advocacy through Mentoring Program (STAMP)

We are incredibly excited to announce a new program of LDA and that will kick off with the Learning Disabilities Association of New Jersey (LDANJ) as the pilot state! Students Teaching Advocacy through Mentoring Program (STAMP) will reach students from elementary school through post-secondary and will include online as well as in-person, local components. STAMP will be offered as a benefit of LDA membership in New Jersey, and in more states as the program expands.

LDA STAMP (Students Teaching Advocacy through Mentoring Program)
is dedicated to helping students with learning disabilities through self-advocacy, education, and mentorship.

STAMPNJ wants to help to “stamp out” feelings of shame and lack of information about learning disabilities.  Mentoring students so they can recognize, accept and understand their learning disability and providing outreach to parents, teachers, school administrators, etc. about learning disabilities and supports, accommodations, and interventions that have been successful from a student’s perspective are the first steps to success.

STAMPNJ will help students with learning disabilities to:
- Build self-esteem and confidence
- Learn about learning disabilities
- Recognize they are not alone
- Learn self-advocacy skills
- Expand communication skills
- Build friendships and network

For more information, please visit The LDANJ website: https://ldanj.org/special-projects/
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