ECyD Small Groups Registration
ECYD Meeting Schedule

Sports/Play or “Rose, Thorn, Acorn”, Snack, and Activity (45 minutes)

Gospel Reading and Reflection (15 minutes) The team leader leads the opening prayer and everyone remains standing while the Gospel is read. Then everyone kisses the Gospel as a sign of respect for the Word of God and is seated. After an appropriate period of silence, everyone is invited to share their thoughts/reflections.

Case Study (15 minutes) Everyone presents topics they would like to share, pointing out the virtue present in the case. After topics are presented, everyone votes on which topic to study based on its relevance to the needs of the team and current relevance because of issues in society/news.

Commitments (10 minutes) Everyone proposes resolutions, based on the gospel and topic.

Closing Prayer and Clean-Up (5 minutes)
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