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Dear Denver Families,
Since DPS has decided to cancel all ECE classes in light of the teacher strike, Highlands United Methodist Church is working* to providing childcare and lunch for 30 students, from 9am to 3pm. We will be providing two fully supplied ECE classrooms with DPS teachers volunteering their time. The classes will have art and music supplies, learning and riding toys, all in the room as well as a 1:8 teacher to student ratio. Students will walk to Edison Elementary School for lunch and snacks will also be provided. There are nearby parks for walks and playing on nice days.
This program will be provided at no cost to families. The goal of the program is to help our families most in need. Since the church is limited to 30 students, we will be prioritizing families who have the most need (for example, single-parent hourly-wage households would be highest priority).

*we are working with the city and state to be fully licensed for this work, we are awaiting their final go ahead. We can not open our doors for this program until we receive communications from them. We do not know if they will contact us on the weekend. All applicants will receive email updates on our status.

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