AGLA WL20 Free Agent Registration
This form is for players without a team to register for the upcoming season of the AGLA. The administration will help to match you with other free agents that have similar availability and preferences for the coming season.
What is your Xbox Gamertag? *
Note that all players must have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription as well as the Halo: Reach expansion for the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One to participate.
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If you've previously played in the AGLA under different gamertags, please list those gamertags here.
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Are you interested in being a team captain? *
Team captains serve as the primary contact for a team and are responsible for working out any reschedules with opposing teams, reporting game results, and submitting disputes.
What conference would you prefer to play in? *
There are two primary Grifball gametypes played in Halo: Reach: Vanilla is a more traditional Grifball experience that has no armor abilities; while Dash is a faster-paced gametype that allows the use of the sprint and evade armor abilities.
What days/times are you available to play league games? *
Most games are usually scheduled for weekdays from Monday-Thursday. Teams will typically play 2 games a night for 1-2 nights a week across a five-week regular season. Due to the holidays, games will not be scheduled for the week of Dec 23 - Dec 29.
Any other preferences or concerns around availability?
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What type of players would you prefer to play with? *
What position would you consider yourself? *
Runners prefer to carry the ball, tanks focus on killing enemy players and clearing a path for the runner, defenders typically excel at stopping the opposing team's runner, and hybrids are capable of playing multiple different positions.
Do you agree to follow the AGLA Rules and the PlayGrifball Code of Conduct? *
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