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Welcome! This is the registration form for the Virtual College Conference (VCC) that is happening November 6-8, 2020. For more information on the event, visit

Please submit your information below. The registration deadline is past (it was 10/14/2020) but you can still register and attend through the VCC weekend! You may just not receive a gift box.

The suggested offering is $20 for students; please offer using the Venmo @ChurchinCleveland with "Virtual College Conference" as the subject.

If you have questions about registration, feel free to reach out to Jane at Thanks :)
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What is your mailing address? (This is because we will be sending out gift boxes ~2 weeks prior to the conference! So please submit the mailing address for where you will be 11/6-8.) Please note that, if you are registering after 10/14, you may not receive a gift box before 11/6, and that they may only be sent out in limited quantities. *
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Share something encouraging here! We'll be putting these in the conference packet for everyone to reflect on and come back to when they need some extra encouragement. Feel free to drop a verse, a hymn, or a sentence or two that might help someone reach their spirit in a time of need.
Almost done! Have you offered (whatever you’re able to) for the weekend yet? (Venmo: @ChurchInCleveland)
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