Foster Application
This application is for people wishing to do TEMPORARY foster for our rescue. If you are thinking of adopting a rabbit you must complete our Adoption Application.
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How long will you be able to foster for us?
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Are you aware that rabbits are easily injured and frightened and that children under 8 years must be supervised with rabbits at all times?
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If you have children list their ages
Are you aware that a frightened rabbit may bite or scratch?
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Describe the space the rabbit will be living in.
Do you have previous experience with rabbits? Explain.
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Is someone home during the day?
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Is everyone in your household comfortable with fostering?
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Have you had experience taking care of baby, sick, or injured animals?
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How many hours of daily exercise can you give the foster rabbit(s)?
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Do you have a vehicle?
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Can you transport the rabbit(s) for health care?
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List the pets in your household. Indicate if they are spayed or neutered and if they will be interacting with the rabbit(s).
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