Gray Ducks Women's Soccer Player Info
If you’d like to explore playing in women's soccer with the Minnesota Gray Ducks, please complete this form in full. We strive to be professional in our approach though this is a volunteer run adult soccer club.

We’ll use this to guide the level of play to register players year round in relative formats. This form also helps use set expectations as not every player may desire to comply with what’s necessary to create an environment of playing soccer for fun meanwhile being accountable for cost and the complex rules around playing in a US Soccer regulated league. By completing this form you are not committed to a team, nor are we committed to placing you on a team, this helps us gauge interest and next steps and is a required part of the process.

Women's 11v11 Timeline:
March 14 - Registration Begins, players required to pay $40 deposit to play
April 1 - Fields must be acquired - $50 deposit 2 due
April 20 - $50 deposit 3 due
May through mid-August - games are played, weeknight TBA based on division

Womens 7v7 Timeline:
September - Commit to indoor playing intentions
October - Deposits for play due
November - All leagues up running, full dues owed
December and February - Opportunities to add players, dues owed immediately upon rostering
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What is your name? *
What is your preferred email for team communications? *
What is your cell phone number? This is only used if necessary to reach you. *
What is your current interest in joining the Gray Ducks? *
How'd you hear about the Gray Ducks? *
What is your current age? *
What is your Sexual Orientation? *
We identify as a highly inclusive club, this information is held privately but greatly helps us understand the audience we're serving and ensure we're living up to our inclusive values.
What is your stance on this human rights topic? *
This helps us gauge player compatibility....
Desired level of league play? *
Need more context? Feel free to look at We do not let players choose their level of play based on the night of the week... if you want to play at a higher level than you're able to due to the night of the week, our club is not a fit for you and it's a burden we'll gladly pass along to a competing team to us as it causes a very poor playing experience for teammates. We do allow some players to play down a level to elevate teams and some players to play up a level to further their development on a request and evaluation basis.
Do you use or have access to Facebook? *
We ask this because some teams like to have a group chat. And we post in our women's soccer group about some random needs/tidbits that don't warrant an email to all players. It's okay if you do not have Facebook or if you're not a power user of it.
Have played in the MWSL before? *
If you have played in the MWSL, what divisions have you played in before?
What is the highest level of soccer you've played? *
What position on the field are you MOST qualified to play? *
What position on the field are you Least comfortable playing? *
Do you have gray ducks shirts with numbers already? *
What role on the team do you desire? *
We need help weekly with ensuring a few tasks are complete such as we have enough players, the roster is printed off, finding guest players as needed, paying officials at half time, helping lead players with positioning and strategy. If you're willing to be help in any of these capacities please note it below.
What is the most you're willing to pay to play knowing these details: *
How the MWSL works is that we pay costs across several avenues, we pay refs at halftime, we pay field costs for our home games direct to venue, we pay a league fee in advance, we pay fines for forfeits and any cards, we pay for uniforms. All said, this team costs between $3,800-$5,000, so we are presently estimating the cost to be $195/player for the season. The Gray Ducks do not make a profit from your participation, you pay an equal player portion.
Game locations will vary across the metro, but always by rule of the league be within 30 miles of the State Fair Grounds. Are you able to commit to attending matches are varying locations? *
[Optional - Outdoor Related] We have to secure our own home fields, do you have any connection to a city or school to which you could help us rent a field?
Fields must be regulation size, with lines, and preferably a quality field.
[Outdoor Related] MWSL Weather Policy, games are not cancelled in advance due to weather. Please acknowledge the expectation is that you must show up to the match site, and should the conditions not be playable the ref will call the game. *
Fields must be regulation size, with lines, and preferably a quality field.
MWSL Jewelry Policy, no visible jewelry is permitted at all, including visible "permanent" piercings. Is this an issue for you? *
MWSL Forfeit Policy, if a team forfeits a match they are subject to paying 100% of the officials fees, the venue fee, and any other violation costs set by the club or league. Do you understand the seriousness of attendance, and are able to commit to communicating attendance and being at majority of games regardless of a winning or losing season? *
Any questions, comments, concerns for us to follow up with you about? Have any friends you want to be paired with or us to reach out to?
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