Boarding Survey - Macquarie Anglican Grammar School
Macquarie Anglican Grammar School is gathering expressions of interest to determine the demand for a boarding school facility in Dubbo.
If there were a boarding school option in Dubbo, how likely would you be to consider it? *
Why? *
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How much would you expect to pay in annual fees, including boarding and tuition? The fee structure would be all-inclusive and include costs such as accommodation, catering, transport and weekend activities. *
Would you prefer 5 day or 7 day boarding?
When choosing a boarding school, which of the following factors are MOST important to you? Please rank from 1 to 5 (1= most important, 5= least important) *
Small numbers
Individual rooms
Support services (e.g. medical, educational)
Sport and recreation facilities
Dietary provisions
In/near which town does your family reside? *
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Please provide your name, email address and phone number if you would like to receive further information and updates.
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What is the first year (e.g. 2019) that you would require boarding? *
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How many children do you have and which year groups are they currently in? *
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Please provide any further comments.
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