Cupid's Crush Hunt 2 - Designer Application
Pocket Ginger Hunts is the latest labor of love from Tivi 'Mazikeen' Versailles (Tiviyah Resident), who currently manages the Peace On Earth Hunt and Peace By Peace Hunt in Second Life. Pocket Ginger Hunts is a way to do other hunts throughout the year, while still keeping them separate from the Peace Hunts.

Cupid's Crush Hunt 1 was the first of many hunts produced by Pocket Ginger Hunts, and this year it returns for its second installment.

.::| Applications Open to the Public: December 21st, 2019

.::| Applications Close: January 12th, 2020
-- Applications received after this time will be placed on a waiting list for stores that drop
out/are not setup for walkthroughs. You will receive more information about this in
whatever notecard you are sent upon applications (acceptance or wait list).


.::| Hunt Theme: Valentine's and/or Anti-Valentine's Day |::.
-- Because this hunt is taking place in February, we'd like to do a Valentine's theme while still
allowing Designers relative freedom in their creations. Whether you fully embrace the
lovey-dovey-ness of the season or you're more of a "Singles' Awareness Day" kind of
person, Cupid's Crush can be interpreted in either direction.
-- Items can be male, female, couple-oriented, accessories, clothing, skins, makeup, poses,
etc. Anything will be considered.

.::| Cost: L$2 Hunt |::.
-- For this hunt, we will be continuing to use the newest feature in the system that we use for our hunts,
where the Hunt Objects will split each sale between Designers and someone else. For this
hunt, the Designer will receive L$1 from each sale of their hunt prize, and Pocket Ginger
Hunts will receive L$1. We may or may not do future hunts this way, but we are assisting in
beta-testing this new feature for this hunt, so you will be able to give us feedback on how it
worked or didn't work for you.


.::| Timeline |::.

-- Designer Applications Open to the Public: December 21st, 2019
-- Blogger Applications Open: January 1st, 2020
-- Designer Applications Close: January 12th, 2020
-- Logos Due: Upon Request, After Acceptance
-- Sponsorship Fees Due: January 20th, 2020
-- Blogger Applications Close: January 20th, 2020
-- Blogger Pack Distribution Begins: January 22nd, 2020
-- Ad Images for Hunt Prize Guide Due: January 27th, 2020
-- Ready Form Submission Deadline: January 28th, 2020
-- Walkthroughs: January 29th, 2020
-- Hunt Begins: February 1st, 2020
-- Sponsors May Begin Sending Notices In Hunters Group: February 2nd, 2020
-- Hunt Ends: February 29th, 2020


.::| Sponsorship Information |::.
Unlike the Peace Hunts, there are no Tiers for Sponsorship, and there are less Sponsorships available. 10 total Sponsorships are available for Designers.

-- Sponsors are NOT first-come, first-served. THEY WILL BE HAND-CHOSEN. --
Indicating interest in sponsorship does not guarantee you acceptance. We will hand-choose our sponsors based on those who express interest. Thank you!

Sponsorship: L$1,500 (Only 10 available)
-- Placed in Stores #01 - #10, Guaranteed
-- Logo on Sponsors Page of the Website
-- Logo Sidebar Widget on the website under Sponsors heading with a SLURL to your store
-- Notice rights in the Hunters group for 1 notice/week for the duration of the Hunt.

.::| Additional Opportunities |::.

Sidebar Widgets: L$500 (1 Per Designer; Unlimited Available)
-- Only available to Designers who do not receive Sponsorships
-- Logo Sidebar Widget on the website under Advertisers heading with a SLURL to your store

Non-Designer Sponsorships: L$750 (1 Per Organization; Unlimited Available)
-- Not available to Participating Hunt Designers
-- For Events, Media Outlets, other Organizations/Groups, and non-participating Designers
-- Logo on Media Partners Page of the Website
-- Logo Sidebar Widget on the website with a SLURL to your location (or URL to your website)
-- Notice Rights in the Hunters group for 1 notice/week for the duration of the Hunt


.::| General Designer Guidelines |::.

1.) There will only be 75 stores accepted into this hunt. If we receive more than 75 applications,
Designers who are not accepted will be placed on a Waiting List and contacted if a
participating Designer drops out.

2.) Designers are not accepted first-come, first-serve. Decisions are made on an
application-by-application basis, but everyone has a chance, provided you meet the other
guidelines below, do not sell copyrighted or copy-botted content, and have not caused
issues with our hunt staff in the past.

3.) Only stores with an in-world location will be accepted.

4.) Designers&Bloggers Group Membership is REQUIRED for Designer and Secondary Contact (if
one is listed).

5.) Hunt Communications will occur via Group Notices and/or a Mailer.

6.) No vulgar or sexually explicit images will be used to advertise your Hunt Prize.

7.) Per #5, no vulgar or sexually explicit Hunt Prizes will be permitted.

8.) Designer will not be permitted to set their Hunt Object for sale. (The script gives prizes and
handles that for you. There is an ability, via the Hunt Object, to determine how many prizes
you have given away, if this information is needed.)

9.) NO Decoy objects.

10.) NO moving Hunt Objects within your store without prior approval.

11.) A specific procedure is to be followed if Stores move during the Hunt. More info will be
provided to you upon acceptance, in a Vendor Package.

12.) All prizes MUST fit the Hunt Theme listed above.


.::| Questions or Concerns |::.

Questions can be directed via NOTECARD to the Cupid's Crush Hunt 2 Director via the Hunt Avatar: PocketGingerHunts Resident.
Store Name *
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Store SLURL *
Please use "Copy SLURL" from a Landmark to your mainstore, so that we have an accurate landing point for your store.
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Designer Name *
SL Name Only; No Display Names, please
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Secondary Contact Name
This can be a store manager, a store alt, or a second designer that works with you. If someone is listed here, both of you must be in the group. You are encouraged to list a secondary contact, as two of you in the group/receiving communications from the Mailer will help ensure that things aren't missed.
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Hunt Prize
Please give a general idea of the hunt prize you will create. I.e. Clothing (PLEASE specify gender), Jewelry (PLEASE specify gender, or Unisex), Furniture, Poses (PLEASE specific gender, unisex, or couples), Skins (PLEASE specify gender), Tattoos (PLEASE specify gender, or unisex), etc. If you plan to make 2 gifts - 1 for male, 1 for female - please specify this here as well.
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Logo *
By selecting "Yes" below, I am agreeing to send a FULL PERMISSIONS copy of my logo, preferably SQUARE, to PocketGingerHunts Resident, upon acceptance.
Ad Photo *
By selecting "Yes" below, I am agreeing to send a FULL PERMISSIONS ad photo of my hunt prize to PocketGingerHunts Resident by January 27th, 2020.
Walkthrough *
By selecting "Yes" below, I am agreeing to be fully set up and ready for Walkthrough by January 28th, 2020 - so that Walkthrough can take place smoothly on January 29th, 2020. I understand that if I am not ready by January 30th, 2020, I will be removed from the hunt.
Any additional questions or comments? Offers of chocolate or alcohol? All are appreciated! :-D
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Sponsorship *
Do you wish to participate as a Sponsor of this hunt? More information about what you are interested in, and the benefits will be outlined on the next page if you choose "Yes". Please choose "Yes" even if you are only interested in the Sidebar Widget. (If you are undecided, you can select "No" and will have an opportunity to apply for a Sidebar Ad on a separate form at a later time.)
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