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The deadline to complete this form is midnight on Sunday 29th October.
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Tell us about your performance practice, the performance you are working on, and your objectives for taking part in this activity. If you have links to past performance work please include these here. Videos are helpful for showing us what your work is about if we are new to it. Word count guideline: 150 - 500 words. *
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Is your work Theatre and Performance? *
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Rehearsal space
Please answer these questions if you are interested in rehearsal space; if not, please continue to a relevant section.

Please note that we have options in theatre schools, churches, halls and pub function rooms.

Why are you interested in rehearsal space? Word count guideline: 20 - 150 words.
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Select at least two preferred locations
What type of space would you prefer? Tell us about any special requirements.
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What days/times generally work best for you for rehearsals? Please tick as many as apply. Rehearsal space will be available between December and February.
How many hours of rehearsal would you prefer per week?
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Would you prefer to work alone, or with other artists in the space? There is the option to set up drop in collaborative rehearsal space if there is interest in this.
Please answer these questions if you are interested in mentoring with the artist and Director Peader Kirk. If not, please move on to a relevant section, or submit your form.
How would you prefer to work? Choose the option that genuinely works best for you. Multiple choice is also possible.
Mentoring will take place in January and/or February. What days of the week are generally best for you. After this information has been collated and we have selected the participating artists, we will be in contact to suggest possible dates. Please select as many as you can.
Please explain the reasons you are interested in this mentoring. Word count guideline: 150 - 500 words. This is a key shortlisting question.
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Are there any dates you know you will be unavailable?
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Work in progress performance event
Please answer these questions if you are interested in performing at the work in progress event. If not, please submit your application.
Please tell us about the work you would like to present. If you have video footage or documents that you would like to share please provide the links here. Word count guideline: 100 - 350 words.
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Please describe how you will manage any technical elements of your performance and whether you will need any support. We expect all artists to prepare any sound files and cue sheets.
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Thank you for your time answering these questions. If you have any comments or suggestions please tell us about these here. We will be in contact shortly after the deadline.
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