Timeworks Studios Warn Appeal Form
Fill out this form and we will look into removing warns on your account. Warns can be removed if we feel they were unfair or if we feel it has been long enough since they were issued.

To see all of your warns, search through the Timeworks Database: https://discord.gg/KEz7nmb
This database also has updates on the status of your appeal.
What is your discord username? (name#0000) *
What infractions would you like reviewed and why? If you are referring to a specific one, you can defend what happened here. Alternatively you can leave this space blank and we will look into all of them. To see all your warns, search your name in the Timeworks Database. Note that your name may have changed since you were warned, and that this server only has warnings issued in 2021. Timeworks Database: https://discord.gg/KEz7nmb
The only way to know the status of your warn appeal is by joining the Timeworks Database ( https://discord.gg/KEz7nmb ) and checking #appeal-status. You cannot be banned from this server. Keep in mind there are banned users in this server, so remember to disable direct messages from server members. Would you like to be pinged in the database when your appeal has been reviewed?
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