Bitcamp 2015 Release Waiver + Participation Agreement
Liability Release, Waiver, Discharge and Covenant Not to Sue

This is a legally binding Release, Waiver, Discharge and Covenant Not to Sue (collectively, “Release”), executed voluntarily by me, the undersigned Releasor, on my own behalf, and on behalf of my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives and assigns (hereinafter collectively, “Releasor,” “I” or “me”, which terms shall also include Releasor’s parents/guardians, if Releasor is under 18 years of age).

As the undersigned Releasor, I fully recognize that there are dangers and risks to which I may be exposed by participating in the program, trip or other activity described as Bitcamp at the University of Maryland, April 10 – 12, 2015, which includes an overnight component (the “Activity”). As the undersigned Releasor, I understand that neither Bitcamp LLC, Startup Shell Inc. and the student organization named Terrapin Hackers (collectively, the “Bitcamp Team”) nor the University of Maryland (the “University”) require me to participate in this Activity, but that I am voluntarily participating despite the possible dangers and risks and despite this Release. With informed consent, and for valuable consideration received, including assistance provided by the University and the Bitcamp Team, as the undersigned Releasor, I agree to assume and take on myself all of the risks and responsibilities in any way arising from or associated with this Activity, and I release the University and the Bitcamp Team and all of their affiliates, divisions, departments and other units, committees and groups, and their respective governing boards, officers, directors, principals, trustees, legal representatives, members, owners, employees, volunteers, agents, administrators, assigns, and contractors (collectively “Releasees”), from any and all claims, demands, suits, judgments, damages, actions and liabilities of every name and nature whatsoever, whenever occurring, whether known or unknown, contingent or fixed, at law or in equity, that I may suffer at any time arising from or in connection with the Activity, including any injury or harm to me, my death, or damage to my property (collectively “Liabilities”), and I agree to defend, indemnify, and save Releasees harmless from and against any and all Liabilities. Neither the University nor the Bitcamp Team shall be responsible to any person or entity for my acts or omissions.

As the undersigned Releasor, I recognize that this Release means I am giving up, among other things, all rights to sue Releasees for injuries, damages or losses I may incur. I also understand that this Release binds my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives and assigns, as well as myself. I agree that this Release shall be governed for all purposes by Maryland law, without regard to such law on choice of law.

I have read this entire Release. I fully understand the entire Release and acknowledge that I have had the opportunity to review this Release with an attorney of my choosing if I so desire, and I agree to be legally bound by
the Release.


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