National Indian Arts Awards 2019 - Kala Ratna (Significant Contribution to Indian Arts) Nomination Form
National Indian Arts Awards 2019 - 5th Anniversary Celebration

Honouring & Celebrating Great Talent & Achievement in Indian Arts in Britain!

The National Indian Arts Awards are a prestigious ceremony recognising and celebrating great talent and achievement in Indian Arts in Britain and internationally. The NIAA’s were established to recognise the work of countless individuals, schools, teachers, performers, and art organisations, up and down the British Isles, who are working tirelessly to provide generous opportunities to learn or experience Indian arts. The NIAA’s have been working tirelessly for the past 5 years to ensure that such dedicated work in the arts is acknowledged on par with the contribution of those in business, finance, medicine, and other professional categories. The establishment of these Awards has created a better understanding of how such selfless work empowers and enriches the younger generation, and how it helps build bridges between communities and people, as well as acknowledging those who continue to bring Indian arts to new and diverse audiences. These Awards significantly contribute towards providing more focus on the contribution of the Arts professionals working in the field of Indian Arts and provide opportunities for their work to expand in the years ahead.

Awards Nomination:
Please fill in the form below to nominate one individual for an award in one of the following categories.

Applications close on Friday 12th April, 2019 (5pm GMT).

Please note that:

1) A candidate may nominate himself/herself. They may also be nominated by others (we advise contacting the proposed awardee for their consent before making an application).
2) Each proposed awardee needs at least two people to support their application form as referees. The proposers should not be a relation of the applicant, nor should they know them in a solely personal capacity.
3) A proposed awardee can be nominated more than once, so long as the applications are supported by 2 different referees. They may also be nominated in more than one category, if they are eligible.
4) A biography and clear photograph of the proposed awardee should be submitted with each application. Images should be clear/high quality and preferably showing the proposed awardee's head and shoulders, or show them performing.
5) Proposed awardees must be able to demonstrate significant contributions in their field during the last 18-24 months (i.e. since 2017).
6) Proposed awardees must be able to demonstrate significant contribution in their field in the UK.
7) This award may be given to anyone who is able to demonstrate a significant contribution to Indian arts in any field. This includes, but is not limited to, art, design, drama, charity, journalism, writing, education, arts administration, and production.
8) The proposed awardee may be an individual, group, organisation and/or business.
9) An applicant can submit additional documents to support their application (digital recordings are particularly encouraged). Please send anything further to Stephanie Martin (Marketing and PR Manager)
10) This award is open to residents of the UK ONLY.
11) Previous winners of of this award are ARE eligible to receive it again but they must show significant new contribution to their field in the time period since they received their award. Past winners are also eligible for awards in categories for which they have not already received a prize.
12) Unsuccessful proposed awardees may apply again for future awards, so long as they are able to show further contribution directly relevant to the time period for which the award is concerned.
13) Winners will be selected by a National Jury.
14) Winners will be announced on Thursday, 9th May 2019 on the Milapfest website ( Awardees will be contacted personally with further information.
15) Winners will be honoured at a ceremony in London's Southbank Centre on Thursday 6th June 2019.
16) The decision of the Jury will be final. The Jury may decide to award one or more award in each category. If no application meets with the high standard set by the Jury, they may decide against awarding that prize.

The Awards were instituted in 2015 and are supported by the Arts Council England.

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