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We are honored that you are considering church membership. Please answer the following questions to help assist in the decision making process. After submitting, please present a photo of yourself to the church office to be attached to your application.

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Do you believe the Bible to be the only Word of God and that its message contains the knowledge of the way for salvation? *
Have you the assurance that your sins are forgiven, that you are a child of God, and do you publicly confess Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Savior? *
Is it your desire to live a life pleasing to your Heavenly Father, by the grace of God? *
Are you willing to have your life governed by the Word of God and have you read, and will you respect, the Statement of Faith of the Wesleyan Church? *
Is it your desire to support the work of God through Solon Center Wesleyan Church with your tithes and offerings, as God prospers you? *
Is it your desire to support the work of God through Solon Center Wesleyan Church and do you desire to be loyal to this fellowship and to its people? *
Will you be aware that one of the greatest destroyers of church unity is the act of gossip, both listening to and speaking, thus, will you live a life that does not participate in such activities and encourages others to speak to the right people and only aid in the endeavor to handle such conflict in a healthy, Biblical manner? *
Have you been baptized since you became a Christian? *
If yes, briefly describe your experience.
If no, are you willing to be baptized at the earliest convenience?
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Have you gone through any "new believer" training classes that have walked you through the fundamental tenants of the Christian Faith? *
If yes, what was the material?
If no, are you willing?
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In what manner will you continue to seek discipleship accountability with in the church? *
Where have you found a place of service in the ministry of this church? *
FOR LEADERSHIP MEMBER APPLICATIONS ONLY: Are you willing to abide by the membership commitments of the Wesleyan Church, as stated in the Discipline of the Wesleyan Church?
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