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Looking for more backdrops? Lucy has made the above three generously available for Komae Cash-In, but she can do anything your imaginations can muster! Contact her directly at to book a session separate to Cash-In; she and your moments are super worth it. <3
Thank you from Lucy!
Lucy is a brand new mom of two who turned her loves of photography and motherhood into a pursuit that captures precious, artistic moments for families all around. And now, with her self-taught leap into new technologies, she can turn even the most mundane home-spun photos into epic adventures!

We borrowed this from her blog because ... it's beautiful, and every mama and papa should read it to themselves:

"I know enough. So long as I stay diligent in my pursuit of knowledge, humble in attitude, and gracious towards the process, it is enough.

I do enough. There are just enough hours for me to work, pray, laugh, cook, welcome my husband home, answer e-mails, serve, and dare I say, Netflix, and retire to bed. What can't be completed today won't end my entire world. There is a season for everything and resting is allowed, it is enough.

I am enough. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and judging myself from a worldly perspective will always leave me unsatisfied, critical, and very bitter. I attempt each day with my best effort and that is very. much. enough."
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