JETAABC Amazing Race / Scavenger Hunt 2018
You're invited to the JETAABC Amazing Race / Scavenger Hunt 2018 and its After Party .

Amazing Race / Scavenger Hunt

Who: JET Alumni & Friends
Where: Downtown Vancouver - Meet "The A-maze-ing Laughter" Statues
When: Nov 17th - Meeting from 2:00pm; Race starts at 2:30pm sharp
Price: Some items on the hit list may include minimal spending from the participants (individual items will never cost more than 5 dollars). However, the event is designed so that participants do not have to spend anything if they chose not to.


Who: JET Alumni & Friends
Where: TBA
When: NOv 17th from 6:00pm
Price: None. Light Refreshments provided.

The deadline to respond is Nov 14th, 2018 at 11:59pm

If you have any questions, please email Ian Fan at

Rainy Day Option : JET/Japan Trivia Night
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