VIMH: associate artist program EOI
VIMH is launching its first associate artist program in 2021 and is accepting EOIs until December 8, 11.59pm. This program will work with four artists across nine months to each develop a 'project' - this could be a new performance work or a script, identifying an area of practice that you would like to develop and strengthening it, undertaking creative research or building structures for regular practice. Or something else entirely - tell us what you want to do.

These projects will be developed in a shared framework through monthly group sessions, with a focus on community building and revival, skills and idea development, and peer learning. Participants must be able to commit to a monthly digital meeting and there will be optional extra "live" engagements (seeing shows, participating in workshops, observing VIMH rehearsal rooms, etc).

If you would prefer to talk on the phone or record yourself responding to these EOI questions, please just shoot us an email at Please also reach out if you have any general questions. This program has no fee attached and is being run by VIMH without funding because we believe in our community. We can't wait to read your responses.
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