Thank you for your interest in SteadyMouse!
I hope the old version has served you well this last 10 years. Now I am considering pulling out all the stops to develop a major upgrade. I just need to know if the demand is there first, and this is where you come in.
What email address would you like to be notified at if & when a new version is ready?
I won't spam you. This is just to let you know as soon as a new version is ready.
Your answer
What's name do you go by?
Nicknames are fine if you prefer.
Your answer
Some optional questions:
These will really help me out if you've got a second.
What's do you think is fair price for a major new SteadyMouse release?
I'm looking to strike a balance that is good and fair for both of us.
Your answer
Any comments you have for me?
Thoughts? Bugs that drive you crazy? Desired changes? Preferred licensing style?
Your answer
Would you be interested in beta testing an early version?
If you are good with computers, I will need help testing so that I can make the software close to perfect for you all. When the time comes, we'd communicate back and forth by email about any bugs you find or things you don't like.
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