User Study Signup Form for Zendesk Search
Please help us learn more about how you and your team use search in the Zendesk support product.
What's this all about?
We know search is important to your team when you use the Zendesk support product, and we understand your frustration when search does not meet your expectations. To help us continuously improve the search feature in the Zendesk support product, we would like to invite you to join our user study to help us understand your search needs better.

We are looking for customers who are interested in talking to us directly and sharing stories about how they use search at their work. Possible ways of communication include video conferencing, in-person conversation, specific use case discussion, and it should take no more than 30 minutes for each person.

Is this available to everyone?
All Zendesk customers using the Zendesk support product (such as tickets, users) are invited to participate. We are interested in talking to both admins and agents.
Ready to take part?
All you have to do is fill in some information about your Zendesk account and you're ready to go!
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