BeFriend Connections :)
How can we connect you to the community?
How can we pray for you or a loved one? You don't have to use any names :) *
Is there a service or need we can provide you or your loved ones with? We might have it in our donation center or we might be able to connect you with someone that can help :) *
Would you be interested in hearing more about our Befriend "Connections" Program? This program serves and connects families with the resources and/or people "connections" they may need in their lives at this time! This program is great for new families in the area, foster families, new parents, families with kids with special needs, gifts and abilities, plus families looking to connect or ways to give back! Do you want to know more? Maybe you know of a family we could connect with :) *
If yes to the above question, leave your name, phone number or email and we will get you more information on the program :) *
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