LLaMA Lab Undergraduate Research Assistant application
Purdue’s Language Learning and Meaning Acquisition (LLAMA) Lab studies language learning and development using behavioral, electrophysiological and eye-tracking techniques. Broadly speaking, our lab is interested in studying how we use our world experience and knowledge to learn language. Research topics include:

• How do individuals vary in the ways we understand and learn language?
• How we interpret speech in everyday and novel situations?
• What do we understand about word meanings?
• How do our brains rapidly learn new words?
• What are early markers of language and learning disorders?

Undergraduates have the opportunity to participate in many aspects of the lab. Some typical tasks include:

• Assist in experiments on language learning and understanding
• Organize and clean datasets of early language development
• Observe and code parent and child interactions
• Develop child friendly experimental images and sounds
• Cultivate the public face of the lab (social media, website content, community outreach)

Timelines for review:
We review applications starting around the middle of each semester for positions starting the following semester. In the Spring, we prioritize applications first from students who wish to start in the Summer, before advancing to Fall applications.

Please complete all responses below and a researcher from the lab will be in contact with you regarding your application.
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