Club Account and Purchasing Quiz
This quiz needs to be completed before submitting purchases request in Catlife.
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How many members need to be present to count and deposit cash? *
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What is the first step to make a deposit into your club account *
Your club receives a check, who should the check be made out to? *
If a club receives ASUCM funding for an event and doesn't use it all, the club can spend the remainder for a new event. *
What needs to be submitted in Catlife before a purchase request for an event can be submitted? *
What needs to be done after a purchase requests is submitted in Catlife using club funds? *
When purchasing food for an event or meeting, what needs to be turned in by the next business day? *
When checking out a declining balance card what needs to be turned in by the next business day? *
Using your personal funds and requesting a reimbursement is the best way to purchase things for your club. *
How long can it take for a reimbursement? *
What is the first step when requesting a purchase request for travel arrangements? *
What is the timeline for submitting a purchase requests for airline tickets *
Can a traveler pay for someone else travel expenses? *
What needs to be done before a student can rent a vehicle on campus? *
What needs to be done if a club wants to bring in a paid speaker or performer? *
A club wants to rent a venue in town and the vendor needs you to sign a contract. What do you do. *
Want to know more about submitting a Catlife purchase request, watch this demo.
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