Miller Bluff Public Input Session #2
This survey will be available until January 31, 2021. We'd like to collect an email address from you to provide a response to your input if necessary and to keep you informed on the project progression.

The City of La Crosse is expanding hiking trails between Lower Hixon and Rim of the City Road, located on Miller Bluff. The project team is seeking input from the community on this project.
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Do you currently use Miller Bluff, on the North edge of Hixon Forest as a space to visit? If yes, in what ways do you use Miller Bluff? If no, why not? *
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What kind of trail do you prefer? *
In Hixon Forest, I'd like to see more of... (If you have additional comments or suggestions, please include them in the space near the end of this survey) *
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Graffiti and trash Removal
Making the trail usable for a wide variety of userships
Sustainability. A trail built to current standards that will last many years without degrading
Well marked trails, routes and user guidelines
What else would you like the planning team to know or consider when creating the Miller Bluff Trail Plan? *
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