Request for Equipment / Personnel
from the WELS Nebraska District Technology Committee
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Services Available
• on-site technical and logistical support for conventions, conferences, events, and meetings
• public address and presentation systems
• T-coil hearing loop
• audio and/or video recording, streaming, and archiving
• local computer network and data server
• electrical power distribution
Responsibilities of Technology Committee
• providing audio, video, ancillary equipment, and technicians as warranted for any services listed above
• accompanying the equipment while being transported (see below)
• all on-site unloading, set-up, operation, tear-down, and reloading of equipment
• training local support personnel as necessary
Responsibilities of Event Coordinator
• detailing all functionality needed at least 60 days in advance of the event (use form below)
• furnishing the physical setting (altar, pulpit, podium, tables, chairs, keyboard, etc.)
• reserving sufficient space in the setting for audio/visual equipment (equivalent to six 8 foot tables)
• providing physical access to the setting and sufficient time for set-up (24 hours) and tear-down (12 hours)
• allowing access to lighting controls and sufficient electrical circuits
• supplying hard-wired broadband internet access as needed
• providing additional local personnel as determined in advance by the Technology Committee
• a nominal per use maintenance fee for equipment used (negotiated in advance), and incidental expenses
• round trip travel mileage and expenses for tow vehicle
• housing and meals for the traveling technicians, including time for travel, set-up, and tear-down
Equipment Transportation
The production and related support equipment is transported in the Technology Committee’s tandem-axle trailer to the requesting site.  (Tow vehicles require a class III hitch, 2 5/16” ball, and 18” vertical hitch height, and should be capable of towing a 5000 lb load with a 500 lb tongue weight.  An electronic brake controller is preferred.)  Technicians from the committee must accompany the equipment (minimum of one person for audio only, at least three for video).
Event Details
Event Name: *
Event Location(s): *
Please e-mail a detailed drawing of location(s) including seating and electrical/network outlets to "".
Event Date(s): *
Please e-mail a detailed agenda to "".
Event Contact: *
Please give name, phone number, and e-mail address.
Facility Contact (if different):
Please give name, phone number, and e-mail address.
Does the event need projectors? *
Number of video projectors needed:
Number of front or rear projection screens needed:
Media to be projected?
slides, CD, DVD, internet stream, etc.
Remote control for presenter at podium?
Clear selection
Video monitor for presenter at podium?
Clear selection
Any custom graphics needed?
Does the event need audio reinforcement? *
Approximate size of room(s):
length by width
Approximate number of people in the audience:
Will there be a piano, organ, or keyboard?
Clear selection
Will there be a choir or vocal ensemble?
Clear selection
Will there be instrument groups?
Clear selection
Number and positions of wired microphones:
Number and positions of wireless microphones:
Is audio playback needed?
CD, DVD, internet stream, etc.
Should the event be recorded and archived?
If yes, how many hours, and on what media?
Is a T-coil loop (for hearing aids) needed?
Clear selection
Does the event need video recording or streaming? *
Number of video cameras needed?
Hours of video recording or archiving?
If yes, how many hours, and on what media?
Live video streaming?
Has broadcast permission been secured from all presenters?
Clear selection
Computer Network
Does the event need a computer network (WiFi, ethernet, file servers, etc.)? *
Should the Tech Committee provide the audience with wireless (WiFi) access to the internet?
Clear selection
Should the Tech Committee provide the audience with wireless (WiFi) access to the local network?
Clear selection
Description of server requirements:
including file structure, naming conventions, security, and permissions
Power Grid
Does the event need power outlets for the audience? *
Number of rows, tables, or pews:
Approximate number of personal electronic devices that need an outlet:
Room floor surfaces?
tile, wood, carpet, etc.
Room wall surfaces?
wood, wallpaper, plaster, etc.
Room lighting?
fluorescent, incandescent, LED, etc.
Type of overnight security for equipment?
Any other questions or comments?
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