Back Together Again Summer Enrichment Twilight Program Registration Form
United Community Corporation, the City of Newark and the Newark Board of Education are teaming up to host a Back Together Again Summer Enrichment Twilight Program. The program runs from Monday, Aug. 1 - Sept. 2, Monday through Friday from 2 p.m. - 8 p.m. (immediately following each school's summer day program). The program is for students aged 7 - 14 and will be located at 5 Newark Public Schools.

Lunch will be provided.

Activities include: Tutoring, Chess, Arts & Craft, STEAM, Robotics/ Coding, Dance (Variety), Drumming, Entrepreneurship, Physical Fitness, soccer, football, basketball, and tennis, and Photography.

For more information, call 973-642-0181 or email with "Back Together Again" in the Subject Line.
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CONSENT TO RELEASE DATA FOR PROGRAM EVALUATION:  Purpose: United Community Corporation requests your permission to collect and use information about your child’s participation and performance in After-School programs as well as in school. United Community Corporation would like to use this information about your child to examine the influence of United Community Corporations programming on student achievement and engagement both during and after your child’s participation (e.g., middle school, high school and college). This information will help United Community Corporation make improvements to its program to have an even greater impact on the students served. Data Collected Directly by United Community Corporation: Information about your child will be collected by United Community Corporation directly or by evaluators or researchers contracted by United Community Corporation. By proving your consent, the following information will be used for program evaluation: ▪ Information about your child’s background obtained from this enrollment form. ▪ Information collected by United Community Corporation about your child’s program attendance, his or her performance on academic skills assessments conducted during the After-School program, and his or her survey responses. Data Obtained from External Sources By providing your consent, electronic data, records, and/or documentation about your child will be shared with United Community Corporation by your child’s school, school district, state Department of Education, or the National Student Clearinghouse (a national database of students’ college enrollment and completion). This information describes your child’s demographics, school enrollment and attendance, program participation, in and out of school suspension records, and academic performance (including course grades and state test scores) starting in grade two (prior to your child’s enrollment in the United Community Corporation) and enrollment in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. United Community Corporation will collect your child’s state-assigned or locally assigned student identification number from your child’s school to be used to access these academic records. How Information is Used The only persons authorized to access your child’s information will be trained United Community Corporation staff, contractors, and/or trusted partner organizations who have agreed in writing to maintain the confidentiality of student information as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). United Community Corporation may use or disclose information in aggregate form to further the purpose discussed above. However, no child will be identifiable through information provided in any report or public document. Consent to Release Data for Program Evaluation: Please indicate by checking a box below whether you agree to allow United Community Corporation to collect and use information about your child in connection with the purpose described above. Your child may participate in After-School programming whether or not you provide this consent. You may revoke your consent to share data for this evaluation at any time. If you have any questions or if you would like to revoke consent for this program evaluation please contact Jamila Colin, at (973) 642-0181, ext. 3181 or at *
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