2019 Alumni and Friends BB Riverboat Cruise Dinner
Read the questions below. Select the option that you think you would like to see for the August 31, 2019 Foundation Alumni Dinner.
Are you interested in next year’s (August 31, 2019) Foundation's Alumni Dinner being held on a BB Riverboat Cruise? *
Would you drive to Newport, Kentucky for the dinner cruise and pay $50 per person for the meal and $10 annual membership dues? (Total Cost for Meal/Annual Dues $60 PER PERSON) OR Have the Riverboat dock at Augusta for the cruise and pay $50 per person for the meal, $10 annual membership dues, $20 additional to dock in Augusta (Total Cost for Meal/Annual Dues/Docking $80 PER PERSON)? *
Do you have other suggestions or feedback you would like to share? (If none, type N/A) *
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