ZSR Marathon 2018 - Feedback Form
Hey everyone,
Thank you so much for being part of our ZSRM18, be it as runner, commentator, donor or viewer, making these three days for us incredibly special.

We will be back with another marathon next year, but first, we want to find out what needs to be improved and what people would like to see next year.
Please fill out the following form to give us input for future ZSRM planning.
How did you like the marathon overall? *
How did you like the layout work (graphics, animations) *
How do you feel about our tracker for donations, bid wars, prizes and especially the schedule over at zsrmarathon.com *
About the ZSRM gamelist: Do you prefer having all Zelda games on there (making the marathon longer) or just the greatest hits? *
What would you like to see more of? *
About the actual runs: What do you think about the way the games were presented?
How about the setup times between games? *
Too long
Did you like the bid wars and challenges we had? How could we improve those? *
During runs we used an information bar on the bottom to cycle through information about the marathon, discords, upcoming runs, prizes, bid wars. How useful was this information? *
Really useful
We used a chatbot to constantly share information about the marathon and runners with you. Did it work out or did you find it disturbing? *
very informative
Please share a few thoughts about ZSRM18 with us. What would you like to see next year? What should definitely be improved?
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