2018 Ontario Fall Shootout U10-U12
Boys & Girls U10-U12 - October 26-28, 2018.
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Canada's Largest Basketball Festival!
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By completing this form, I hereby confirm my team's participation in the inaugural ONTARIO FALL SHOOTOUT. I authorize the program organizers to act for me in their best judgement in any emergency requiring medical attention. I hereby agree to save harmless the R + G SPORTS MARKETING AND EVENTS, it’s organizers, sponsors, agents, officials and representatives from all liability however caused in connection with taking part in the ONTARIO FALL SHOOTOUT. Also, R + G SPORTS MARKETING AND EVENTS has my permission to use my daughter/son's photograph, video and audio recordings, likeness, artwork, profile and/or story in future publications, web pages and other promotional materials produced, used by and representing the ONTARIO FALL SHOOTOUT or R + G SPORTS MARKETING AND EVENTS. I understand the circulation of materials could be worldwide and that there will be no compensation to me for this use. *
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