UPDATE [9 OCT 2012]:
The research phase for this project is now closed, hence we won't be arranging any more interviews. Thanks so much everybody for your generosity in offering to share your career experiences - we were pleasantly surprised to be over-subscribed, but pretty bummed we can't speak to everyone who signed up. Thanks for being so game! May we meet on another occasion to share stories with one another.


Hi! We're a multi-disciplinary research unit within the Public Service Division <>. We're embarking on a project to learn more about Singaporeans' career aspirations, and we would love to hear your stories and experiences behind your career journey and life aspirations. Hence we are inviting you for participation and input to our learning journey.

We typically like to spend around 1.5 hours to chat with individuals or couples who fit the profiles listed below. These sessions are face-to-face, there will be about 3-4 people from our team, and preferably at the comfort of your home or office (or anywhere that you prefer and is conducive). Based on past experience, we found that the session would be more comfortable and enjoyable for participants when done in a manner more like casual friendly chat, hence no worries about having to go through a stiff/boring survey interview! Participants will also be compensated with shopping vouchers in appreciation of their time.

Rest assured that all your personal information will guarded with the utmost confidentiality. We will also be recording our conversation and taking a few pictures only for the purposes of note-taking and internal reference, if you're okay with it and with your permission of course. And if you prefer to remain anonymous for the project, we will respect your wishes too. All information will be kept confidential for the purpose of this research, and there will be a confidential agreement to be signed by both you and us before we start the session.

Please take a moment to have a look at the profiles below, and fill the form further below if you fit the bill and would like to participate. Alternatively, pass this on to your friends/family who you think might be interested (and you can badger him/her for 'commission' after that!).

Upon completion of this short questionaire, we will contact you via phone or email for a quick chat and to coordinate an interview venue and timing. We aim to hold these sessions over the period between 10 to 22 Sept (Mon-Fri). Depending on response rate, we may not be able to interview everyone who signed up, so we sincerely seek your understanding if you are not contacted! :) If you have any questions, please contact Jason Leow at <> , or Leon Voon at <>.

Thank you so much in advance for your interest in participating in this project! We're really looking forward to hearing your stories. :)

We're keen to hear stories from people with interesting perspectives, hence if it'll be great if you have experiences in one/more of the following profiles. Please select which profile fits you best. If you feel none of the profiles fit but have great stories to share anyway, please fill in the text box under "Other" - we'll want to hear from you too! The examples stated are meant for illustration purposes only, so variations in degree can be accepted. :)
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Thank you again for your interest!
Depending on response rate, we may not be able to interview everyone who signed up, so we sincerely seek your understanding if you are not contacted! :) If you have any questions, please fill in the box below, or contact Jason Leow at <>, or Leon Voon at <>.
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